[PATCH v2] staging: vc04_services: rework ioctl code path

Stefan Wahren stefan.wahren at i2se.com
Sat Nov 12 09:45:30 PST 2016

Hi Michael,

> Michael Zoran <mzoran at crowfest.net> hat am 11. November 2016 um 07:15
> geschrieben:
> VCHIQ/vc04_services has a userland device interface
> that includes ioctls. The current ioctl implementation
> is a single monolithic function over 1,000+ lines
> that handles 17 different ioctls through a complex
> maze of switch and if statements.
> The change reimplements that code path by breaking
> up the code into smaller, easier to maintain functions
> and uses a dispatch table to invoke the correct function.

nice. But please always use scripts/checkpatch.pl before submitting your

And yes it is not necessary to fix all "line over 80 chars" warnings.

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