AW: AW: AW: Strange RPi USB Audio Issue

Arne Caspari arne at
Sat Nov 12 11:35:06 PST 2016

Am 12.11.2016 20:29:57 schrieb(en) Michael Zoran:
> OK, one last try.  Does the error only happen when building something?
> Or when the CPU is very busy?  I think USB has some issues if the CPU
> is very busy.

Unfortunately no. The error occurs even in an otherwise idle system.  
While background activity seems to have an impact (the issue occurs  
more often if there is eg. network activity), this problem only occurs  
in my buildroot environment. On Raspbian, I am unable to provoke this  
issue even if I invoke the same activity.

There must be something fundamental different but I am unable to see  
it. The only thing I could think of right now is that Raspbian somehow  
configures cgroups in a way that it works there but I am unable to see  
how or where this setup should happen in Raspbian.


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