Functional testing of mainline vchiq driver

Stefan Wahren stefan.wahren at
Sat Nov 12 08:27:28 PST 2016

> Phil Elwell <phil at> hat am 24. Oktober 2016 um 18:16
> geschrieben:
> On 24/10/2016 17:09, Stefan Wahren wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > i want to submit some patches for the vchiq in staging, but i don't know
> > how to test the specific function of the vchiq driver in mainline (i
> > don't want to backport to the downstream kernel).
> >
> > I've seen some userspace tools like vchiq_test. Which parameter settings
> > are recommend?
> I would recommend "vchiq_test -f" (functional) to check that nothing
> fundamental has broken in the protocol, and "vchiq_test -p" (ping) to
> perform a large number of transfers, including small messages and bulk data.
> Phil Elwell, Raspberry Pi

Since Michael has been working on the ioctls i want to provide a small coverage

                                                vchiq_test  vchiq_test
ioctl                function                   -f          -p          stats
CONNECT              vchiq_connect              X           X           X
SHUTDOWN             vchiq_shutdown             X                       X
CREATE_SERVICE       vchiq_add_service          X           X           X
REMOVE_SERVICE       vchiq_remove_service       X                
QUEUE_MESSAGE        vchiq_queue_message        X           X           X
QUEUE_BULK_TRANSMIT  vchiq_queue_bulk_transmit  X           X
QUEUE_BULK_RECEIVE   vchiq_queue_bulk_receive   X
AWAIT_COMPLETION     vchiq_shutdown             X           X           X
DEQUEUE_MESSAGE      vchi_msg_peek                                      X
GET_CLIENT_ID        vchiq_get_client_id
GET_CONFIG           vchiq_get_config           X           X           X
CLOSE_SERVICE        vchiq_close_service                    X           X
USE_SERVICE          vchiq_use_service                      X           X
RELEASE_SERVICE      vchiq_release_service                  X           X
SET_SERVICE_OPTION   vchiq_set_service_option   X           X
DUMP_PHYS_MEM        vchiq_dump_phys_mem
LIB_VERSION          vchiq_initialise_fd        X           X           X
CLOSE_DELIVERED      vchiq_shutdown             X           X           X

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