Ulf Hansson ulf.hansson at linaro.org
Thu Jan 28 07:03:34 PST 2016


>> > of it's bad code structure. Therefore I have taken a quite simple
>> > approach by rejecting new callbacks and quirks, in a way to prevent it
>> > from being worse.
> Which merely guarantees that the problem gets worse, because everyone
> just puts their SD patches into Android trees instead and then when that
> device is needed in Linux proper the crap hits the fan or people write
> uglier and more hideous hacks buried elsewhere.
> Eventually something gives way, and it will always be the maintainer,
> because everyone needs to get their devices supported. You can guide new
> callbacks in constructive ways but not stop them.

Well, I did stop them at least temporary.

Although, I have been telling people *why* and also trying to give
some guidelines of how I wanted this to move forward.

I understand some become frustrated from getting patches nacked like this.

In principle I have requested them to help evolving sdhci in a new and
better direction, instead of adding yet more hacks. That of course
requires a deeper understanding of both the mmc core, but also sdhci
in general.


Also, thanks for sharing your experience in this field. You made some
good points!

Kind regards

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