[PATCH 0/5 RFC] mmc: sdhci-iproc: add bcm2835 support

Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Tue Jan 19 13:00:08 PST 2016

Stefan Wahren <stefan.wahren at i2se.com> writes:

> This patch series based on the suggestion of Scott Branden to implement
> bcm2835 support into sdhci-iproc [1].
> These changes provide the following advantages:
>   * no need to maintain a separate driver for bcm2835
>   * improve support and test coverage of bcm2835 mmc support
>   * get the rid of SDHCI_CAPABILITIES hack in bcm2835_sdhci_readl
>   * increase write performance by avoiding delays in write ops
> Patch 1 and 2 adopt two sdhci-bcm2835 fixes to sdhci-iproc. The third patch
> tries to specify as much quirks as possible in the bcm283x.dtsi as possible.
> Patch 4 and 5 are the actually changes for bcm2835 support.
> These series has been tested on Raspberry Pi B with dd (direct I/O):
> sdhci-bcm2835
> 378 kB/s WRITE
> 10,6 MB/s READ
> sdhci-iproc (after applying patch series)
> 881 kB/s WRITE
> 10,8 MB/s READ

I started a while ago at looking at merging the sdhost driver (for the
other controller on these boards that you can use instead), since
apparently the hardware's a better choice to use.  This looks like a
really nice simplification for us for the Arasan mode, though.  Would
you also want to delete the old 2835 driver after this series?

These patches are all:

Acked-by: Eric Anholt <eric at anholt.net>
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