Including Raspberry Pi -next trees in linux-next

Eric Anholt eric at
Tue Jan 5 12:06:15 PST 2016

Stephen Rothwell <sfr at> writes:

> Hi Eric,
> On Sat, 26 Dec 2015 13:15:50 -0800 Eric Anholt <eric at> wrote:
>> I'll be sending pull-requests to Florian soon, but I would like to get
>> my trees included in linux-next to get increased testing coverage of
>> them against everything else going on for 4.5.  I'm expecting to produce
>> trees under these branch names for the forseeable future.
>> Repo:
>> branches:
>> drm-vc4-next
>> bcm2835-dt-next
>> bcm2835-soc-next
>> bcm2835-drivers-next
>> bcm2385-defconfig-next
>> (bcm2835-maintainers-next is a placeholder since we have nothing for it
>> this round)
> I have added the first 5 from today.  Can you tell me which trees they
> will be merged via so I can position them in my list correctly,
> please?

drm-vc4-next goes through airlied's drm-next.  bcm2835-* are intended to
go through Florian's stblinux tree, though things didn't go that way
this time because I'm still figuring out timelines.

Looking through Next/Trees, it looks like stblinux isn't in the list.
That seems like something that would be useful, given that Florian's
been successfully sending pull requests to arm-soc for at least a couple
of releases.  (<1445718981-13552-1-git-send-email-f.fainelli at>,
for example).  His branches appear to be defconfig/next,
devicetree/next, maintainers/next, and soc/next, all on

> Also, I was wondering how they relate to the bcm2835 tree I currently
> have (git://
> for-next) currently maintained by Stephen Warren (cc'd).

Stephen and Lee have limited time to work on 2835 as it's only been a
free-time project for them afaict.  I offered to help on the merging
process, since it's job related.  I don't have access any
more I think, and it turns out github process is familiar to 2835's
potential contributors, so it's working out quite well to host the
branches there.  They're still chiming in with acks and feedback when
time permits, though.
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