[Bug] usb: dwc2: host function broken in OTG mode on bcm283x

Stefan Wahren stefan.wahren at i2se.com
Mon Aug 22 13:47:01 PDT 2016

Hi John,

> John Youn <John.Youn at synopsys.com> hat am 22. August 2016 um 22:06
> geschrieben:
> On 8/20/2016 6:03 AM, Stefan Wahren wrote:
> > Hi John,
> > 
> > 
> Hi Stefan,
> Why doesn't DT work? I think all the properties are there to set
> these.

it only works for the future releases, not for existing DT blobs. The DT is part
of the ABI.

Yes, i already send a patch to fix the DT [1], but it would be better to fix the
issue in deep.

> I hesitate to change the legacy/default settings in case it breaks any
> existing drivers that depend on them.

Platforms? I didn't expected that other drivers use these settings.

Another option would be to add the gadget fifo sizes to platform data, but it's
not a nice solution.


[1] -

> Regards,
> John
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