[PATCH V2 RFC 0/6] ARM: dts: bcm2835: Add Raspberry Pi Zero

Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Thu Aug 18 11:14:07 PDT 2016

Stefan Wahren <stefan.wahren at i2se.com> writes:

> This patch series is only a draft and not intended to be merged. Patches 1 and 2
> aren't bcm2835 specific and should be helpful for other platforms. 
> The patches 2 - 4 are required for otg / gadget mode. The last patch
> based on the work of Lubomir Rintel [1] and Noralf Trønnes [2].
> Changes since V1:
> - rebase to current linux-next
> - add patches 1 - 4 for otg/gadget support
> - add patch 5 with model compatible
> - use polarity define for ACT LED
> [1] - http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/linux-rpi-kernel/2016-February/003221.html
> [2] - https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux/pull/1239/
> Stefan Wahren (6):
>   usb: dwc2: core: Avoid nonsense error in gadget mode
>   usb: dwc2: Add DT properties to specify fifo size in host/otg mode
>   ARM: dts: bcm283x: Add missing usb clock
>   ARM: dts: bcm283x: Add generic USB PHY
>   DT: bindings: bcm: Add Raspberry Pi Zero
>   ARM: dts: bcm2835: Add Raspberry Pi Zero

Where are we at on these?  I've been holding off waiting for the USB
bits to get settled.  I can grab the bindings patch, but is there
anything else we could merge while you're working on USB?
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