[Possible bug] reboot doesn't work for Raspberry Pi

Noralf Trønnes noralf at tronnes.org
Fri Oct 2 11:48:32 PDT 2015

Den 02.10.2015 17:14, skrev Stephen Warren:
> On 10/02/2015 07:11 AM, Noralf Trønnes wrote:
>> Den 02.10.2015 13:36, skrev Stefan Wahren:
>>> Hi,
>>> i'm using a Raspberry Pi B with U-Boot, Mainline Kernel 4.2.2 and
>>> Raspbian Wheezy rootfs (2015-05-05).
>>> If i run the reboot command, the reset never occurs.
>>> Here is the console output:
>>> The system is going down for reboot NOW!
>>> [ 73.409331] Restarting system.
>>> After that the green heartbeat LED stop blinking and goes off.
>>> Any ideas what's the reason or how to debug?
>> Have you enabled the watchdog driver?
>> ARM: bcm2835: Move the restart/power_off handling to the WDT driver
>> Since the WDT is what's used to drive restart and power off, it makes
>> more sense to keep it there, where the regs are already mapped and
>> definitions for them provided.  Note that this means you may need to
>> add CONFIG_BCM2835_WDT to retain functionality of your kernel.
> It hadn't cross my mind that that change required a defconfig change 
> too. Perhaps you could submit a patch?

Should I send 2 patches, one for the changes needed to keep the current
config options:

And then one for the watchdog?
Or should I roll them into one patch?

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