[PATCH v2] dmaengine: bcm2835: Add slave dma support

Noralf Trønnes noralf at tronnes.org
Tue May 12 08:58:18 PDT 2015


Den 18.04.2015 13:06, skrev Noralf Trønnes:
> Add slave transfer capability to BCM2835 dmaengine driver.
> This patch is pulled from the bcm2708-dmaengine driver in the
> Raspberry Pi repo. The work was done by Gellert Weisz.
> Tested using the bcm2835-mmc driver from the same repo.
> Signed-off-by: Noralf Trønnes <noralf at tronnes.org>
> ---
> Gellert Weisz has ended his internship with Raspberry Pi Trading and
> was not available to sign off this patch.
> The patch is made against mainline 4.0-rc7.
> Changes from v1:
> 	Martin Sperl, Dom Cobley:
> 	MAX_LITE_TRANSFER has to be 32-bit aligned
> 	Stefan Wahren:
> 	Variable es is not used
> 	Change splitct to split_cnt
> 	Add dev_err for unsupported buswidth
> 	Rearrange d->frames formula for readability
> 	Move j variable definition to loop
> Changes from original code:
> 	Remove slave_id use.
> 	Use SZ_* macros instead of decimal values.
> 	Change MAX_LITE_TRANSFER from 32k to 64K - 1.
> 	Fix several whitespace issues.
> 	Lee Jones' comments in previous email to Piotr Król:
> 	Remove __func__ from dev_err message.
> 	Cleanup comments.

Is there something missing for this patch to get accepted?
spi-bcm2835 has now DMA support that depends on this patch.


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