Status of rpi work

Eric Anholt eric at
Mon May 11 15:47:02 PDT 2015

For those who aren't following my git tree
(, here's what I've got:

- rpi-mbox-only: Submitted v8 (!) to the list, waiting for an ack from

- rpi-mailbox: Adds a driver that gives other kernel drivers access to
  the property interface, and talks to the firmware for power domains
  (lets you get USB without using U-Boot, if you get lucky at device
  probe ordering).

- rpi-clocks: Adds a clock provider talking to the firmware.  Gets us
  real values for a bunch of clocks, but it's not hooked up to DT.  I've
  been poking at doing it in DT a bit.  Once we have it in DT, then we
  can do a cpufreq implementation to get upstream's performance
  hopefully matching downstream (I hear Andrea Merello just got one

- bcm2836-mbox: A bcm2836 (Raspberry Pi 2) implementation sitting on top
  of rpi-mailbox.  Seems to work.

- bcm2836-smp: Adds SMP support to bcm2836-mbox.  Has some bugs, haven't
  figured it out.

- vc4-kms: VC4 kernel modesetting implementation.  It can't do a full
  modeset, but it does bring up the framebuffer and X (using
  xf86-video-modesetting) if the firmware was setting the same
  resolutionas the DRM decides to use.  Needs rpi-clocks to do a full
  modeset eventually.

- vc4-kms-v3d: VC4 3D driver implementation on top of vc4-kms, for use
  with Mesa master (GLES 2.0 / OpenGL 2.0 support).  Needs rpi-mailbox
  to turn on v3d.  The 3D ioctl ABI is definitely not stable, as I need
  to do a bunch of performance analysis first.  I won't be able to do
  that really until we get a cpufreq driver in, have working perf
  support, and hopefuly have bcm2836-smp in as well.

Sadly, with upstreaming of my prerequisites taking so long, I'm getting
pulled off to go do downstream work for a while.  The Raspberry Pi folks
want a working graphics driver, and I've got to make that happen even if
we can't upstream in the kernel.
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