corrupted data on bcm2835 spi controller

Alexander Aring alex.aring at
Mon May 4 09:57:24 PDT 2015


I have an openlabs 802.15.4 transceiver [0] connected to a RPi and there
are several users inside linux-wpan community which use these transceivers
on a RPi.

My last test shows many corrupted data and I bisected this issue on
commit 210b49231af6a3ede5de3c90850dbf1134a855c2 ("spi: bcm2835: clock
divider can be a multiple of 2").

After reverting this commit by running:

git revert 210b49231af6a3ede5de3c90850dbf1134a855c2

there is no corrupted data anymore.

My spi device-tree entry for the at86rf230 driver is the following:

&spi {
        status = "okay";
        at86rf233 at 0 {
                compatible = "atmel,at86rf233";
                spi-max-frequency = <7500000>;
                reg = <0>;
                interrupts = <23 4>;
                interrupt-parent = <&gpio>;
                reset-gpio = <&gpio 24 1>;
                sleep-gpio = <&gpio 25 1>;
                xtal-trim = /bits/ 8 <0x0F>;

I have no other equipment at my home to check the exact spi clock or
something else, what I can say is after reverting this commit I don't
have any corrupted data anymore and eveything working fine.

To all linux-wpan at86rf233 users on a RPi:
Can you confirm these issue with the bcm2835 controller? Then we could
maybe more debug this issue.

- Alex


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