Conflicting ARM machine type for BCM2709

Stephen Warren swarren at
Mon Feb 9 23:05:47 PST 2015


I notice the following in the RPI Foundation Linux kernel:


> bcm2708			MACH_BCM2708		BCM2708			3138
> bcm2709			MACH_BCM2709		BCM2709			3139

However, that bcm2709 entry isn't consistent with the ARM machine registry:


Rather, that ID value is already registered to a completely different

> 3138	Broadcom BCM2708 Video Coprocessor	bcm2708	Luke Diamand	
> 3139	MX51_GGC	mx51_ggc	Calvin Kwong

Is it possible to allocate a valid ID for bcm2709, and remove the
conflicting values from the RPi Foundation's SW stack? Without that, I
don't believe any upstream SW (bootloaders or kernel) will be in sync
with the RPi Foundation's SW stack.

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