RPi B+: linux-next / mainline and usb & ethernet

Matthias Klein matthias.klein at linux.com
Sun Nov 2 10:34:35 PST 2014


I am trying to get linux-next running on my Raspberry Pi model B+.

My board boots from TFTP and NFS with 3.17.1 from this tree without any 
problems: https://github.com/pietrushnic/rpi-dt-linux
The corresponding bootlog: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8791930/

If I try the same thing with the linux-next kernel (or mainline) the usb 
controller does not enumerate the usb hub and usb ethernet chip.
My kernel config: 
The bootlog: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8791927/

Does anyone has a tip what could be the problem?

Piotr got linux-next booting on the model B: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8763507
Is in the linux-next something missing which is needed for usb & 
ethernet on the model B+?
On the raspberry forum I found a post which explains that the LAN9514 
gets the clock on the B+ from the SoC.
Is for that clock signal only a newer firmware needed, or also some 
changes in the kernel?

Best regards,

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