[PATCH] dmaengine: Add support for BCM2835.

Martin Sperl martin at sperl.org
Mon Nov 11 04:06:59 PST 2013

Hi Andre!

> Right now, considering that we have a) but not b), the latter seems like
> the obvious choice. And since the dma channel mask is consistent over a
> power cycle I'd think it's a sane choice.
(or did you mean "former" not "latter"?)

So what does block us from adding the bcm2835_mailbox interface?

And then embedding the call to mbox in the dmaengine driver would
make everything easy.

Also it seems some other parameters from mbox are also needed by other
drivers as well in the future, so we should get something working.

(Clocks, enabling HW blocks, sharing memory between GPU and ARM,...
come to my mind just looking at the API)

As for working with the foundation on "upstream", has anyone been able to
contact them about this subject? You might just want to point me to
a thread instead instead of going to repeat the discussions?


P.s: I know that the Foundation and Broadcom can be a bit hard while they
try avoid certain subjects... See my forum post about "official" Errata in the
SOC (and I just found another one this morning) - not the user-maintained
wiki-page on the elinux site.

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