[RFC] mailbox: Add Broadcom BCM2835 mailbox driver

Stephen Warren swarren at wwwdotorg.org
Sat May 11 00:41:55 EDT 2013

On 04/19/2013 12:51 PM, Simon Arlott wrote:
> On 17/04/13 13:56, Lubomir Rintel wrote:
>> Hello!
>> This adds a driver for mailbox IPC mechanism present on Broadcom
>> BCM2835 SoC, used in Raspberry Pi and Roku 2 devices.
> I already wrote a driver for this and other devices 11 months ago:
> https://github.com/lp0/linux/commit/917bdfc3045151cda896bf0cbf1542340892f58d

Lubomir, I assume this patch is intended as a submission for upstream?
You should probably also Cc linux-arm-kernel at lists.infradead.org on all
patches destined for upstream.

The problem here (with Simon's existing patch) is that it was never sent
upstream. Hence, most likely very few people know about it. If you start
pro-actively sending your work upstream, that'd be great. One possible
issue with your original patch is that there's now a mailbox subsystem
upstream which I don't think your patch used (and at a very quick
glance, Lubomir's patch uses), and any new driver upstream would have to
use that.

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