[PATCH V2] spi: add driver for BCM2835

Chris Boot bootc at bootc.net
Tue Mar 12 05:29:09 EDT 2013

On 12/03/13 03:38, Stephen Warren wrote:
> From: Chris Boot <bootc at bootc.net>
> The BCM2835 contains two forms of SPI master controller (one known
> simply as SPI0, and the other known as the "Universal SPI Master", in
> the auxilliary block) and one form of SPI slave controller. This patch
> adds support for the SPI0 controller.
> This driver is taken from Chris Boot's repository at
> git://github.com/bootc/linux.git rpi-linear
> as of commit 6de2905 "spi-bcm2708: fix printf with spurious %s".
> In the first SPI-related commit there, Chris wrote:
> Thanks to csoutreach / A Robinson for his driver which I used as an
> inspiration. You can find his version here:
> http://piface.openlx.org.uk/raspberry-pi-spi-kernel-driver-available-for

Hi Stephen,

Just wanted to say thanks for refreshing and pushing my original patch
through to mainline.

In case it wasn't already obvious:

Signed-off-by: Chris Boot <bootc at bootc.net>


Chris Boot
bootc at bootc.net

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