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Sascha Herrmann sascha at
Sun Feb 24 13:15:02 EST 2013

> Im dubious .....

> Last time I checked the Broadcom specific nonsense was patched into the
> kernel.

maybe someone just wants it...

> I cant find a raspian kernel sources package that corresponds
> to the running kernel so i'm suspicious that it might not be as simple
> as it should.  As is typical with linux its not documented and any docs
> I find are out of date or don't correspond to the raspian specific
> packages.

google helps: and no, you don't
need any cross compiler, you can compile it on the rpi (will take some

> Why the hell the preempt cant be toggled on/off from user space is a
> mystery - its just a timer on an IRQ why cant I simply turn the timer
> off.

You are sure you understand, what preempt is about? Why do you think,
that preempt harms you application?

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