defconfig for rpi-linear

Stephen Warren swarren at
Tue May 29 23:50:07 EDT 2012

On 05/26/2012 03:34 PM, Chris Boot wrote:
> On 25/05/2012 06:22, Stephen Warren wrote:
>> Does anyone have a working .config or defconfig file for the rpi-linear
>> branch? (I'm assuming that branch builds and boots OK?)
>> Thanks.
> Stephen,
> My plan is to write a HOWTO style post on my blog for how to compile and
> boot the rpi-linear branch. It'll include my .config, which I'll admit
> is far from minimal but boots and works for me. I'll drop a note on the
> list when I get it done.

This would normally be handled by you/someone doing:

make ARCH=arm savedefconfig
mv defconfig arch/arm/configs/bcm2708_defconfig
git add arch/arm/configs/bcm2708_defconfig
git commit

That way, everyone else can just run:

make ARCH=arm bcm2708_defconfig

to reproduce your configuration. Plus, when you add new features, you
just update that file and check it in, and there's little need to
communicate the change to anyway; it just magically works when they git

That said, I imagine the reason my attempts to get rpi-linear booting
failed was due to the bootloader not filling in the mem or bootargs
properties; I should go back and try again now that I figured that out...

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