[PATCH v3 3/9] drm/ci: mediatek: Add job to test panfrost and powervr GPU driver

Vignesh Raman vignesh.raman at collabora.com
Mon Feb 19 01:39:30 PST 2024

Hi Helen,

On 09/02/24 23:51, Helen Koike wrote:
> On 30/01/2024 12:03, Vignesh Raman wrote:
>> For mediatek mt8173, the GPU driver is powervr and for mediatek
>> mt8183, the GPU driver is panfrost. So add support in drm-ci to
>> test panfrost and powervr GPU driver for mediatek SOCs and update
>> xfails. Powervr driver was merged in linux kernel, but there's no
>> mediatek support yet. So disable the mt8173-gpu job which uses
>> powervr driver.
>> Add panfrost specific tests to testlist and skip KMS tests for
>> panfrost driver since it is not a not a KMS driver. Also update
>> the MAINTAINERS file to include xfails for panfrost driver.
>> Signed-off-by: Vignesh Raman <vignesh.raman at collabora.com>
> Hi Vignesh, thanks for your work.
> I'm still wondering about a few things, please check below.
>> ---
>> v2:
>>    - Add panfrost and PVR GPU jobs for mediatek SOC with new xfails, 
>> add xfail
>>      entry to MAINTAINERS.
> Maybe we should review how the xfails failes are named. I think they 
> should start with the DRIVER_NAME instead of GPU_VERSION.
> For instance, consider the following job:
> mediatek:mt8183-gpu:
>    extends:
>      - .mt8183
>    variables:
>      GPU_VERSION: mediatek-mt8183-gpu
>      DRIVER_NAME: panfrost
> And we have mediatek-mt8183-gpu-skips.txt
> If there is an error, we want to notify the panfrost driver maintainers 
> (and maybe not the mediatek driver maintainers), so MAINTAINERS file 
> doesn't correspond to this.


> How about a naming <driver name>_<hardware/gpu>_<type: gpu/display> ?
> powervr_mediatek-mt8173_gpu-skipts.txt
> mediatek_mediatek-mt8173_display-skipts.txt
> panfrost_mediatek-mt8183_gpu-skips.txt
> mediatek_mediatek-mt8183_display-skips.txt
> ...
> What do you think?

Yes we can keep this naming. In this case do we still need gpu/display 
in the xfails file name?


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