[net-next RFC PATCH 0/3] net: phy: detach PHY driver OPs from phy_driver struct

Russell King (Oracle) linux at armlinux.org.uk
Sat Feb 17 11:53:08 PST 2024

On Sat, Feb 17, 2024 at 08:41:11PM +0100, Christian Marangi wrote:
> Posting as RFC due to the massive change to a fundamental struct.
> While adding some PHY ID for Aquantia, I notice that there is a
> big problem with duplicating OPs with each PHY.
> The original idea to prevent this was to use mask on the PHY ID
> and identify PHY Family. Problem is that OEM started to use all
> kind of PHY ID and this is not doable, hence for PHY that have
> the same OPs, we have to duplicate all of them.
> This is present in Aquantia PHY, but is much more present in
> other PHY, especially in the BCM7XXX where they use a big macro
> for common PHYs.
> To reduce patch delta, I added the additional variable without
> adding tabs as this would have resulted in a massive patch.
> Also to have patch bisectable, this change has to be in one go
> hence I had to use this trick to reduce patch delta.
> Other solution to this problem were to introduce additional
> variables to phy_driver struct but that would have resulted
> in having 2 different way to do the same thing and that is not O.K.
> I took care to compile-test all the PHY, only exception is the unique
> RUST driver, where I still have to learn that funny language and
> I didn't had time to update it, so that is the only driver that
> I think require some fixup.
> I posted 2 example that would benefits from this change, but I can
> find much more in other PHY driver.

Would it make more sense instead of this big churn, to instead
introduce into struct phy_driver:

	struct mdio_device_id	*ids;

which would then allow a phy_driver structure to be matched by
several device IDs?

We then would not need to touch any of the existing drivers initially,
and a later cleanup could be to identify those where all the ops are
the same for several phy_driver structures, and convert them over.

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