[PATCH v2 3/3] net: phy: add Rust Rockchip PHY driver

Andrew Lunn andrew at lunn.ch
Thu Feb 1 13:29:45 PST 2024

On Thu, Feb 01, 2024 at 10:23:03AM -0800, Greg KH wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 01, 2024 at 07:07:00PM +0100, Christina Quast wrote:
> > This is the Rust implementation of drivers/net/phy/rockchip.c. The
> > features are equivalent. You can choose C or Rust version kernel
> > configuration.
> > 
> > Signed-off-by: Christina Quast <contact at christina-quast.de>
> Cool, but why?  Is this going to happen for all phy drivers going
> forward?  What's the end-game here, dropping all .c phy drivers that are
> in rust?  Or having duplicates for all of them?

As one of the PHY Maintainers, i would say no.

Now we have an example, i think we should be a lot more strict about
what we actually merge. It should be a driver for hardware which does
not have a C driver.

We cannot drop C drivers since Rust at the moment does not support all
architectures GCC/Clang does. PHY drivers are architecture
independent, and in real life used on multiple architectures. When
Rust eventually catches up, we could consider dropping C drivers when
there is an equivalent Rust driver, but from what i hear, that is a
few years away. I don't want to be supporting a C and Rust driver for
the same hardware.


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