ARM : RK3588S : NET / Ethernet: Not TX traffic from mdio1

Shane Francis bigbeeshane at
Mon Mar 20 10:25:34 PDT 2023

I am currently working on enabling a RK3588S SBC (NanoPi R6S) within
mainline Linux

However I am hitting an issue with the mdio attached RTL8211F, the
device initializes correctly
but there seems to be no TX traffic sent from the RTL8211F (confirmed
with TCPDUMP on an attached router)

RX traffic is working as expected (see below)

listening on eth0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), snapshot length 262144 bytes
00:03:34.282286 ARP, Request who-has tell, length 46
00:03:35.648448 ARP, Reply is-at 1c:53:f9:1a:ba:3a (oui
Unknown), length 46
00:03:43.220916 ARP, Request who-has tell, length 46

I have noticed that the TX irqs seem to be fewer than expected (and
some eee wake errors are seen)

     tx_pkt_n: 218
     rx_pkt_n: 1014
     normal_irq_n: 944
     rx_normal_irq_n: 936
     napi_poll: 3044
     tx_normal_irq_n: 8
     irq_tx_path_in_lpi_mode_n: 49
     irq_tx_path_exit_lpi_mode_n: 49
     irq_rx_path_in_lpi_mode_n: 2
     irq_rx_path_exit_lpi_mode_n: 2
     phy_eee_wakeup_error_n: 1

I have validated that the TX are RX delays for both the phy and gmac
match what the OEM kernels are setting.

This behavior is seen on both 6.1 and latest RC

I am looking for any information on if this behavior can be seen on
other RK3588S devices using the RTL8211F and pointers on where to look

Thanks in advance.

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