[PATCH 1/7] irqchip/gic-v3: Add a DMA Non-Coherent flag

Marc Zyngier maz at kernel.org
Fri Mar 10 00:56:28 PST 2023

On 2023-03-10 08:05, Lucas Tanure wrote:
> The GIC600 integration in RK356x, used in rk3588, doesn't support
> any of the shareability or cacheability attributes, and requires
> both values to be set to 0b00 for all the ITS and Redistributor
> tables.
> This is loosely based on prior work from XiaoDong Huang and
> Peter Geis fixing this issue specifically for Rockchip 356x.


If we are going to do *anything* about this thing, it is by
describing the actual topology. And it has to work for both DT
and ACPI.

Alternatively, this is an erratum.

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