[PATCH] arm64: dts: rockchip: Lower SD card speed on Pinebook Pro

Dan Johansen strit at manjaro.org
Sun Mar 5 02:04:12 PST 2023

Den 05.03.2023 kl. 10.52 skrev Krzysztof Kozlowski:
> On 04/03/2023 18:28, Dan Johansen wrote:
>> MicroSD card slot in the Pinebook Pro is located on a separate
>> daughterboard that's connected to the mainboard using a rather
>> long flat cable.  The resulting signal degradation causes many
>> perfectly fine microSD cards not to work in the Pinebook Pro,
>> which is a common source of frustration among the owners.
>> Changing the mode and lowering the speed reportedly fixes this
>> issue and makes many microSD cards work as expected.
>> Co-authored-by: Dragan Simic <dragan.simic at gmail.com>
> That's not a valid tag. Run checkpatch.
> Missing SoB, which would be pointed out by checkpatch with correct tag.

Thank you. I ran checkpatch and it just said it was not valid, didn't 
give alternatives.

Would Co-developed-by acceptable instead?

And then ofcourse with the added SoB for the co-developer.

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> Krzysztof
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