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Mon Aug 7 18:44:18 PDT 2023


Greetings from over here and hope you are doing great. My name is 
William Terry, currently working in the Marketing department  in 
one of the leading  pharmaceutical  companies and a major 
manufacturer of pharmaceutical products here in the United State.

I need a reliable foreign business associate to partner with me 
in sourcing a rare herbal oil extract used by company as a raw 
material in development/manufacturing high quality anti-viral 
vaccines, cancer treatments and various life-saving 
pharmaceutical products. The scarcity of this raw material has 
hindered product developments in the  company. The previous 
supplier could not meet company demand due to the recent economic 
meltdown caused by COVID-19 pandemic, a retired colleague 
informed me of a source in United Arab Emirates. I made inquiries 
and found out that the manufacturer actually exists in United 
Arab Emirates and the herbal oil extract is sold at a cheap rate, 
in fact very cheaper than the company's previous purchases.

I can understand if this line of business may not be your area of 
expertise but it will be another good income generating stream 
out of your specialty for the next 24 months.

Here is my proposal: I seek your consent to step-in as the 
middleman between the manufacturer and my company to execute this 
project and you hand me a commission. I cannot bid for the supply 
contract myself due to my company rules and regulations and I 
wouldn't want my company to have direct contact with the 
manufacturer in United Arab Emirates.

This will enable us to work together as partners and share 
profits, completely legal. We will discuss the profit sharing 
ratio, and crucial details you need to know about this raw 
material if you are keen to close this deal with me kindly get 
back to me through this email: terry.willa44 at

I look forward to hear your thoughts, and further discussions.

Thanks for your time.

William Terry

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