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Sat Apr 22 14:08:42 PDT 2023

antwain.schneider writes via Bugzilla:

to try to make it clearer, gpio2b is marked as IOMUX_WIDTH_3BIT

2b0  2b1  2b2  2b3  2b4  2b5  2b6
[xxx][xxx][xxx][xxx][xxx][xxx][xxx] 21 bits without recalc
[xxx][xxx][xxx][xxx][xx ][xxx][xxx] 20 bits with current recalc
[xx ][xx ][xx ][xx ][xx ][xx ][xx ] 14 bits with proposed recalc

iomux sections are divided into 32 bit registers with 16 bits for values and 16 bits for writing, without the proposed recalc, there are just too many bits

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