[PATCH v2 06/10] riscv: dts: allwinner: d1: Switch dma-names order for snps,dw-apb-uart nodes

Cristian Ciocaltea cristian.ciocaltea at collabora.com
Mon Apr 10 05:25:40 PDT 2023

On 4/8/23 15:36, Jernej Škrabec wrote:
> Dne torek, 21. marec 2023 ob 22:56:20 CEST je Cristian Ciocaltea napisal(a):
>> Commit 370f696e4474 ("dt-bindings: serial: snps-dw-apb-uart: add dma &
>> dma-names properties") documented dma-names property to handle Allwinner
>> D1 dtbs_check warnings, but relies on the rx->tx ordering, which is the
>> reverse of what a bunch of different boards expect.
>> The initial proposed solution was to allow a flexible dma-names order in
>> the binding, due to potential ABI breakage concerns after fixing the DTS
>> files. But luckily the Allwinner boards are not affected, since they are
>> using a shared DMA channel for rx and tx.
>> Hence, the first step in fixing the inconsistency was to change
>> dma-names order in the binding to tx->rx.
>> Do the same for the snps,dw-apb-uart nodes in the DTS file.
>> Signed-off-by: Cristian Ciocaltea <cristian.ciocaltea at collabora.com>
> Applied patches 2-6, thanks!

Hi Jernej,

Please note the patches have been already picked by Greg and were merged
in next-20230331.


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