RK3399 (RockPro64) can't setup upstream opp tables

Qu Wenruo wqu at suse.com
Thu Sep 16 19:45:08 PDT 2021


Recently I find that no matter what opp tables I'm using (default and 
op1), the RockPro64 board always failed to add the opp table with the 
following error messages:

[    2.443667] rk3399-dmc-freq ffa80000.dmc: supply center not found, 
using dummy regulator
[    2.444366] dwmmc_rockchip fe310000.mmc: IDMAC supports 32-bit 
address mode.
[    2.444527] rk3399-dmc-freq ffa80000.dmc: Invalid operating-points in 
device tree.
[    2.445037] dwmmc_rockchip fe310000.mmc: Using internal DMA controller.
[    2.445661] rk3399-dmc-freq: probe of ffa80000.dmc failed with error -22

I tried the default opp table (rk3399-opp.dts) and the op1, they both 
failed with the same messages.

Upstream kernel v5.14.2 (With one commit reverted to address the 
ethernet regression) and upstream v5.15-rc1 kernels both tested, no good 

Is there some regression in rockchip related code that prevents the 
default/op1 opp tables from getting applied properly?


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