[regression, bisected] rk3399-gru-kevin does not boot with 5.10-rc1

Vicente Bergas vicencb at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 15:54:57 EST 2020

Hi Enric,

On Sunday, November 1, 2020 8:28:39 PM CET, Enric Balletbo Serra wrote:
> Hi Vicente,
> Missatge de Vicente Bergas <vicencb at gmail.com> del dia dv., 30 d’oct.
> 2020 a les 23:04:
>> Hi,
>> commit dd92f7dfe1ba3bad556c8a529edacce7c6fd0195
>> platform/chrome: Kconfig: Remove the transitional MFD_CROS_EC config
>> broke booting rk3399-gru-kevin.
> I didn't test yet but I didn't see any regression on KernelCI so I
> suspect that you're using a custom/distro out-of-tree defconfig that
> you need to update after that change. MFD_CROS_EC was deprecated some
> versions ago in favor of CROS_EC. Make sure you have the following
> configs enabled in your defconfig.

You are right, i am using a custom config that needed an update.
I am sorry, if i had read more carefully the patch, i could have found the
resolution by myself.


>> The display does not turn on and there are no easy means to access the
>> serial port, so, no more information is available.
>> Regards,
>>   Vicente.

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