rk3328 USB3 support

Cameron Nemo cnemo at tutanota.com
Sat Aug 15 15:48:51 EDT 2020

Hello all,

I was reading a past discussion about enabling USB3 support for the rk3328 boards:


In the discussions Heiko Stuebner outlined a possible path forward to enabling USB3
for these devices without  disrupting rk3399 devices in the future:

> A possible way forward would be to introduce a separate compatible for
> rk3328 (both in the binding doc and the generic dwc3 driver), so that
> we get only a
>               compatible = "rockchip,rk3328-dwc3";
> Which then even can move easily into a new driver if necessary without
> causing issues for existing devicetrees.

I am new to kernel development, but it seems like this is just moving some pieces around.
Specifically I believe I need to:

- edit drivers/usb/dwc3/dwc3-of-simple.c to add "rockchip,rk3328-dwc3" in the two locations
  that reference rk3399
- adjust the dtsi in the patch linked above to contain the single compatible line for rk3328

Would that be correct?

Cameron Nemo

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