[PATCH 00/10] Remove surplus dev_err() when handing an error from platform_get_irq()

Krzysztof Wilczyński kw at linux.com
Mon Aug 3 07:10:39 EDT 2020

On 20-08-02 21:01:51, Bjorn Helgaas wrote:

Hi Bjorn,

> I squashed these together and applied them to pci/irq-error for v5.9,
> thanks!

Thank you!

> The cover letter claims there should be 10 patches, but I only got 9.
> Just FYI.

There indeed should be 10 patches.  I sent the missing one (not should
why it didn't go through) this morning making sure it falls under the
thread with the cover letter.

Sorry about that!

The missing patch can be seen here:


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