[PATCH 0/7] clk: add helper functions for managing clk_onecell_data

Stephen Boyd sboyd at kernel.org
Fri Mar 16 15:29:13 PDT 2018

Quoting David Lechner (2018-01-04 16:38:05)
> I am writing some clock drivers that use struct clk_onecell_data a few
> times, so I decided to write a helper function to allocate the memory
> since it is a two step process and can be tedious. Then I noticed that
> mediatek already had such a helper function, so I have moved that to the
> clk core and made use of it in other drivers where possible.

We're actively trying to discourage driver authors from adding more
clk_onecell_data and pushing them to register clks and providers with
the clk_hw structures. So thanks for doing the consolidation work, but
no thanks. We can wait for the conversion to hw pointers instead.

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