[PATCH v3] drm/bridge/synopsys: dsi: add optional pixel clock

Philippe CORNU philippe.cornu at st.com
Thu Jan 25 03:34:51 PST 2018

Hi Brian,

On 01/24/2018 07:09 PM, Brian Norris wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 09:24:06AM +0000, Philippe CORNU wrote:
>> On 01/23/2018 09:49 PM, Brian Norris wrote:
>>> On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 06:08:06PM +0100, Philippe Cornu wrote:
>>>> --- a/drivers/gpu/drm/bridge/synopsys/dw-mipi-dsi.c
>>>> +++ b/drivers/gpu/drm/bridge/synopsys/dw-mipi-dsi.c
>>>> @@ -828,6 +833,14 @@ __dw_mipi_dsi_probe(struct platform_device *pdev,
>>>>    		return ERR_PTR(ret);
>>>>    	}
>>>> +	dsi->px_clk = devm_clk_get(dev, "px_clk");
>>> Did you write a device tree binding document update for this anywhere?
>> Many thanks for your review,
>> yes, "px_clk" is already documented, please have a look to
>> Documentation/devicetree/bindings/display/bridge/dw_mipi_dsi.txt
> Ah, I see. Normally I expect that the binding document is sent around
> when the first user of it shows up, but I guess that's not a
> requirement. Sorry I missed that!
> Just a note: I don't think that Rockchip systems have an equivalent
> clock from which to directly derive the pixel clock rate. I believe it's
> controlled through additional dividers that are not part of the common
> clock framework. So this isn't particularly useful for them.
> I don't think it's worth very much in this case, but:
> Reviewed-by: Brian Norris <briannorris at chromium.org>

Many thanks for the review and your comments.

Looking more deeply into the rockchip vop driver (in order to understand 
how the px clock is used), I can see that adjusted_mode/mode_fixup is 
(now) used.

I have already tried to use adjusted_mode/mode_fixup on stm32 but 
without success.

Nevertheless, I will do more tests with adjusted_mode/mode_fixup as it 
could help to have a simpler patch than adding the px_clk.

Many thanks,
Philippe :-)

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