[PATCH 01/11] net: phy: Add rockchip phy driver support

Andrew Lunn andrew at lunn.ch
Sat Jun 24 07:04:06 PDT 2017

> hmm, we do have quite a number of non-net phys in the phy subsystem
> (DP, PCIe, ...) and given that the above would be CONFIG_ROCKCHIP_PHY
> in a global sense, sounds like it could make things confusing.
> So some addition sounds reasonable ... ROCKCHIP_ETH_PHY or so?

I follow you reasoning, but generic phy is the new kid on the
block. It is well established that Ethernet PHYs are called

If you do want to consider generic phy, the logical name would be
ROCKCHIP_PHY_PHY, since generic phy postfixes with _SATA, _USB, _PCIE,
etc. But that does leave an issues when we have an Ethernet PHY which
needs a generic PHY. In some sense, SERDES could be considered as
something supported by a generic PHY...


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