[PATCH v7] rockchip/rga: v4l2 m2m support

Jacob Chen jacobchen110 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 25 07:57:21 PDT 2017

Hi Hans,

2017-08-21 22:16 GMT+08:00 Hans Verkuil <hverkuil at xs4all.nl>:
> Hi Jacob,
> On 08/03/2017 07:23 AM, Jacob Chen wrote:
>> Rockchip RGA is a separate 2D raster graphic acceleration unit. It
>> accelerates 2D graphics operations, such as point/line drawing, image
>> scaling, rotation, BitBLT, alpha blending and image blur/sharpness
>> The drvier is mostly based on s5p-g2d v4l2 m2m driver
>> And supports various operations from the rendering pipeline.
>>  - copy
>>  - fast solid color fill
>>  - rotation
>>  - flip
>>  - alpha blending
>> The code in rga-hw.c is used to configure regs according to operations
>> The code in rga-buf.c is used to create private mmu table for RGA.
>> changes in V7:
>> - fix some warning reported by "checkpatch --strict"
>> Signed-off-by: Jacob Chen <jacob-chen at iotwrt.com>
> Can you post the v4l2-compliance output? I gather that there is at least one
> colorspace-related error that appears to be a v4l2-compliance bug, so I'd
> like to see the exact error it gives. I'll see if I can fix it so this driver
> has a clean compliance output.

OK, i will post it.

> I apologize that this driver probably won't make 4.14. Too much to review...

It doesn't matter,
I'm still writing the userspace for this driver ,
At peresent this driver might have a lot of bugs, since i didn't test
it much in production environment .

> I hope to do the v7 review within a week.
> Regards,
>         Hans

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