media: rockchip-vpu: I should place the huffman table at kernel or userspace?

Randy Li at
Tue Sep 27 01:08:09 PDT 2016

On 09/27/2016 03:52 PM, Hans Verkuil wrote:
> On 27/09/16 05:43, Randy Li wrote:
>> Hello:
>>   I have just done a JPEG HW encoder for the RK3288. I have been told
>> that I can't use the standard way to generate huffman table, the VPU
>> supports only 10 levels with a different huffman table.
>>   If I send the huffman table through the v4l2 extra control, the memory
>> copy is requested, although the data is not very large(2 x 64 bytes) but
>> still a overhead. The other way is to place them in the kernel driver,
>> and just define the quality every time it encode a picture. But storing
>> in kernel would make the driver a little bigger(2 x 11 x 64 bytes) and
>> beyond the FIFO job.
>>   So where Should I place the huffman table?
> Put it in the driver. It's less than 1.5 kB, so really small.
I see.
> I'm not sure what you mean with 'beyond the FIFO job' though.
I always been taught that the kernel driver is just FIFO between 
userspace and hardware.
Next time I would learn those small thing(even hard code) could be 
stored in kernel source code.
> My understanding is that there 10 quality levels, each with its own
> huffman table?
Right. But I still asking what the relationship is to the standard 
quality in JPEG from 0 to 100 to the other staff.
> So the driver would implement the V4L2_CID_JPEG_COMPRESSION_QUALITY control
> and for each quality level it picks a table. Makes sense to me.
Let looks I could omit a extra JPEG control then.
> Regards,
Thank you.

P.S the encoder for VP8 and H.264 is really very hard. I really need 
more time to do them. There is a new VA-API driver[1] which removed the 
most possible information from the third party library(but still need 
it) and using most decoder settings from the VA-API client.

The new kernel driver is in schedule as well.

>     Hans

Randy Li
The third produce department
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