[PATCH v5 3/5] mmc: core: implement enhanced strobe support

Shawn Lin shawn.lin at rock-chips.com
Tue May 24 03:25:35 PDT 2016

在 2016/5/24 18:15, Jaehoon Chung 写道:
> On 05/24/2016 07:11 PM, Shawn Lin wrote:
>> 在 2016/5/24 17:57, Jaehoon Chung 写道:
>>> On 05/23/2016 01:13 PM, Shawn Lin wrote:
>>>> Controllers use data strobe line to latch data from devices
>>>> under hs400 mode, but not for cmd line. So since emmc 5.1, JEDEC
>>>> introduces enhanced strobe mode for latching cmd response from
>>>> emmc devices to host controllers. This new feature is optional,
>>>> so it depends both on device's cap and host's cap to decide
>>>> whether to use it or not.


> Ok. I have tested with my exynos board. It's working fine.
> Tested-by: Jaehoon Chung <jh80.chung at samsung.com>
> Reviewed-by: Jaehoon Chung <jh80.chung at samsung.com>

Thanks for your test and review, Jaehoon.

> Best Regards,
> Jaehoon Chung

Best Regards
Shawn Lin

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