[PATCH v3 0/15] Changes to support 150 MHz eMMC on rk3399

Heiko Stübner heiko at sntech.de
Mon Jun 20 11:17:02 PDT 2016

Am Montag, 20. Juni 2016, 10:56:39 schrieb Douglas Anderson:
> The theme of this series of patches is to try to allow running the eMMC
> at 150 MHz on the rk3399 SoC, though the changes should still be correct
> and have merit on their own.  The motivation for running at 150 MHz is
> that doing so improves signal integrity and (with some eMMC devices)
> doesn't affect throughput.
> These patches have been structured to keep things as separate as
> possible, but nevertheless there are still some dependencies between
> patches.  It probably makes the most sense for all of the non-device
> tree patches to go through a single tree.  PHY patches now have Acks
> from Kishon so that means things should be clear for all non-DTS patches
> to go through the MMC tree if Ulf agrees.  Device tree patches should be
> able to be landed separately and the worst what would happen is a
> warning in the kernel log if you have the code without the device tree.
> The code patches are based on Ulf's mmc-next.  In v3 of the series I've
> pulled in the latest version of a previous PHY series posted by Brian
> Norris.
> The device tree patches are based on Heiko's v4.8-armsoc/dts64.

just so it doesn't get lost from v2->v3, I plan on picking up the dts patches 
9 and 15 after the rest landed in the mmc tree - as they will only apply on 
top of my general dts branch.


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