[PATCH] mmc: core: add auto bkops support

Alex Lemberg Alex.Lemberg at sandisk.com
Mon Jun 20 06:33:30 PDT 2016

Hi Shawn,


>>> +
>>> +static int mmc_stop_auto_bkops(struct mmc_card *card)
>>> +{
>>> +	int err = 0;
>>> +
>>> +	if (!card->ext_csd.auto_bkops_en)
>>> +		return 0;
>>> +
>> Shouldn’t the BKOPS_STATUS be checked prior to disabling the BKOPS activity of the device?
>Hrmm.. I read the whole section of spec for it, and I did find this
>requirement for manul bkops but not for the auto one. So what should we
>do if using the auto one?

In case of AUTO BKOPS, the eMMC Device should perform internal GC 
in the same way as in case of MANUAL BKOPS.
The only difference is a host awareness. 
Although there is no requirement in the spec, I think the driver can
give some time to the device to perform/complete its internal GC during the idle time.
Thus I think we can check the BKOPS_STATUS on Runtime suspend.



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