[RFC PATCH 1/4] Documentation: mmc: add description for new caps

Shawn Lin shawn.lin at rock-chips.com
Wed Jun 8 01:20:21 PDT 2016

Let's add some basic description for cap-no-sdio,
cap-no-sd and cap-no-mmc.

Signed-off-by: Shawn Lin <shawn.lin at rock-chips.com>


 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/mmc/mmc.txt | 3 +++
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+)

diff --git a/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/mmc/mmc.txt b/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/mmc/mmc.txt
index ecc007a..e16d42b 100644
--- a/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/mmc/mmc.txt
+++ b/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/mmc/mmc.txt
@@ -39,6 +39,9 @@ Optional properties:
 - cap-power-off-card: powering off the card is safe
 - cap-mmc-hw-reset: eMMC hardware reset is supported
 - cap-sdio-irq: enable SDIO IRQ signalling on this interface
+- cap-no-sdio: skip sending sdio cmd during initialization
+- cap-no-sd: skip sending sd cmd during initialization
+- cap-no-mmc: skip sending mmc cmd during initialization
 - full-pwr-cycle: full power cycle of the card is supported
 - mmc-ddr-1_8v: eMMC high-speed DDR mode(1.8V I/O) is supported
 - mmc-ddr-1_2v: eMMC high-speed DDR mode(1.2V I/O) is supported

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