[PATCH v2] ethernet:arc: Fix racing of TX ring buffer

Lino Sanfilippo LinoSanfilippo at gmx.de
Wed Jun 8 00:54:24 PDT 2016

Hi Shuyu,

On 05.06.2016 16:02, Shuyu Wei wrote:
> Hi Lino,
> Sorry for my late reply. I retested the previous patch, it did have
> the same issue. However it seems that the possibility of stuck is lower
> (just my instinct, no evidence).

Thank you for the feedback. It is hard to guess what is still going wrong.
But if you - as I assume - dont see this issue with the original code (as it is
in net-next) there is still something wrong with the changes we made. So we
probably should leave the code as it is for now.


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