[PATCH v3 1/7] firmware: rockchip: sip: Add rockchip SIP runtime service

Mark Rutland mark.rutland at arm.com
Tue Jul 26 11:29:33 PDT 2016

On Fri, Jul 22, 2016 at 05:07:14PM +0800, Lin Huang wrote:
> +config ROCKCHIP_SIP
> +	bool "Rockchip SIP interface"
> +	depends on ARM64 && ARM_PSCI_FW
> +	help
> +	  Say Y here if you want to enable SIP callbacks for Rockchip platforms
> +	  This option enables support for communicating with the ATF.


> +typedef unsigned long (psci_fn)(unsigned long, unsigned long,
> +				unsigned long, unsigned long);
> +asmlinkage psci_fn __invoke_psci_fn_smc;

Use the SMCCC wrappers (see include/linux/arm-smccc.h).

This is *not* PSCI, even if the same ATF FW provides both services.

NAK for using the PSCI functions.


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