[PATCH] ARM: dts: add rk3288-firefly-reload

Heiko Stübner heiko at sntech.de
Mon Jul 18 12:46:19 PDT 2016

Am Montag, 18. Juli 2016, 23:32:32 schrieb Randy Li:
> The Firefly RK3288 Reload is a combination Firefly rk3288 core board
> with the Reload baseboard. Add a dtsi for the Firefly rk3288 core
> which can be included into the dts for the various baseboards
> in the future and dts for Reload base board.
> Currently supported are serial console, wired networking, eMMC and
> SD storage, SPFIF, IR receiver, LEDs, SDIO wifi and USB. But only
> the OTG could work on the host mode now, the other USB host can't
> work now, additional patches are required.
> Signed-off-by: Randy Li <ayaka at soulik.info>
> Acked-by: Rob Herring <robh at kernel.org>

applied [0], after some minor reordering - please double check.

Also, while the branch is named 4.8 this will only go into 4.9, as the merge-
window supposedly opens on the weekend.


[0] https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/mmind/linux-rockchip.git/commit/?id=e00fdd4931ea4c47f53cba59b7a3800677546bea

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