[PATCH 1/2] ARM: dts: rockchip: remove excess sd properties for firefly reload

Heiko Stübner heiko at sntech.de
Thu Aug 18 06:35:08 PDT 2016

Am Donnerstag, 18. August 2016, 01:03:10 schrieb Randy Li:
> Because of a bug in hardware design, the sdcard at firefly
> rk3288 reload board can't switch the io voltage level to 1.8v.
> Signed-off-by: Randy Li <ayaka at soulik.info>

applied to my dts32 branch for 4.9

In the future, please try to base your patches either on the correct dts 
branch in my repo [0] or simply on linux-next which does contain these too,
as I did reorder some things when applying your initial firefly-reload patch.


[0] https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/mmind/linux-rockchip.git/
[dts patches v4.x-armsoc/dts32 and v.x-armsoc/dts64 depending on what board 
you're working on]

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