[PATCH v8 0/17] Add Analogix Core Display Port Driver

Heiko Stuebner heiko at sntech.de
Thu Oct 29 10:49:44 PDT 2015

Am Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015, 16:15:43 schrieb Yakir Yang:
> Hi all,
>    The Samsung Exynos eDP controller and Rockchip RK3288 eDP controller
> share the same IP, so a lot of parts can be re-used. I split the common
> code into bridge directory, then rk3288 and exynos only need to keep
> some platform code. Cause I can't find the exact IP name of exynos dp
> controller, so I decide to name dp core driver with "analogix" which I
> find in rk3288 eDP TRM
> But  there are still three light registers setting differents bewteen
> exynos and rk3288.
> 1. RK3288 have five special pll resigters which not indicata in exynos
>    dp controller.
> 2. The address of DP_PHY_PD(dp phy power manager register) are different
>    between rk3288 and exynos.
> 3. Rk3288 and exynos have different setting with AUX_HW_RETRY_CTL(dp debug
>    register).
> This series have been well tested on Rockchip platform with eDP panel on
> Jerry Chromebook and Display Port Monitor on RK3288 board. Also I have
> tested on Samsung Snow and Peach Pit Chromebooks, and thanks to Javier at Samsung
> help to retest the whole series on Samsung Exynos5800 Peach Pi Chromebook,
> glad to say that things works rightlly.

Patch 15/17 looks like it didn't make it? I haven't found it in neither my
inbox nor in the linux-rockchip list archive? So I've used the v7 version
for my tests.

This series on a rk3288-veyron-pinky and rk3288-veyron-jerry
Tested-by: Heiko Stuebner <heiko at sntech.de>

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