[PATCH v6 0/17] Add Analogix Core Display Port Driver

Yakir Yang ykk at rock-chips.com
Mon Oct 19 19:10:41 PDT 2015

Hi Javier,

On 10/19/2015 06:40 PM, Javier Martinez Canillas wrote:
> Hello Yakir,
> On 10/10/2015 05:35 PM, Yakir Yang wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>     The Samsung Exynos eDP controller and Rockchip RK3288 eDP controller
>> share the same IP, so a lot of parts can be re-used. I split the common
>> code into bridge directory, then rk3288 and exynos only need to keep
>> some platform code. Cause I can't find the exact IP name of exynos dp
>> controller, so I decide to name dp core driver with "analogix" which I
>> find in rk3288 eDP TRM :)
>> But  there are still three light registers setting differents bewteen
>> exynos and rk3288.
>> 1. RK3288 have five special pll resigters which not indicata in exynos
>>     dp controller.
>> 2. The address of DP_PHY_PD(dp phy power manager register) are different
>>     between rk3288 and exynos.
>> 3. Rk3288 and exynos have different setting with AUX_HW_RETRY_CTL(dp debug
>>     register).
>> This series have been well tested on Rockchip platform with eDP panel
>> on Jerry Chromebook and Display Port Monitor on RK3288 board and thanks
>> to Javier at Samsung help me to find a way to install mainline kernel to
>> Samsung Exynos Chromebooks, so this series also have been tested on Samsung
>> Snow and Peach Pit Chromebooks which borrowed from my friends.
>> Besides, This version was build on linux-next branch (tag next-20150918), and
>> the above test experiments also base on that tag. But I know the latest tag is
>> next-20151009, so i do rebase this series again on next-20151009, there were
>> little conflicts(exynos_dp removed the suspend/resume).
>> But after I retest this series on next-20151009, I saw kernel crashed in mmc
>> driver(dw_mci_probe failed to get regulator). So i have to disabled the MMC
>> module(after all I boot with USB device), and I can see eDP light up normally
>> in startup stage, but kernel keep crashed when it try to mount the filesystem.
>> I thought this isn't related to dp driver directly, so i choice not to debug
>> more depth.
>> That's to say if someone want to test this series, I suggest you applied this
>> series on tag-20150918, just need to fix some light conflicts with the 01 & 02
>> patches (or just email me, I can send you directly).
>> Thanks,
> Do you have a branch that I can use to test this series?

Thank you for your kind assistance, I have created a tree which checkout 
from the next-20151019. Surely there were some conflicts to applied this 
series on that tag, but things still works for me, here is the git 
address [https://github.com/yakir-Yang/linux/tree/analogix_dp]

Best regards,
- Yakir

> Best regards,

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