[GIT PULL] ARM: rockchip: small fixes for 4.0-rc

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Mon Mar 16 07:23:13 PDT 2015

On Sunday 15 March 2015 00:57:29 Heiko Stuebner wrote:
> Hi Arnd, Olof,
> a small issue surfaced with the new gmac node on rk3288 which is missing a
>         status = "disabled";
> in the rk3288.dtsi and thus enabling the mac unconditionally.
> The second patch in that branch simply adds a rockchip regexp to MAINTAINERS, so
> that it also matches stuff like the (slightly) new rockchip drm stuff.
> So if acceptable, please pull

Pulled into fixes, thanks!


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