[PATCH 1/2] ASoC: rockchip: Add machine driver for max98090 codec

Paul Bolle pebolle at tiscali.nl
Thu Jul 16 09:08:35 PDT 2015

Hi Gerry,

On do, 2015-07-16 at 23:25 +0800, Jiang Liu wrote:
> May be that is hidden in some device tree files.
> MODULE_ALIAS() is used by a driver to announce that it supports
> such types of devices. And bus enumerator will create those
> devices by probing hardware or parsing some configuration files.

Then someone could simply point me to the device tree file where that
"platform:" alias comes from. (Note that I, of course, do check the tree
for the substrings involved before tossing questions like these onto

Besides, as far as I can tell, for device tree support the magic
actually hides in
    MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE(of, rockchip_max98090_of_match);

Which, I think, implies that any MODULE_ALIAS("platform:[...]") is
pointless for systems booting with device tree support.


Paul Bolle

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