[PATCH v18 0/12] dw-hdmi: convert imx hdmi to bridge/dw_hdmi

Philipp Zabel p.zabel at pengutronix.de
Tue Jan 6 07:27:45 PST 2015

Hi Heiko,

Am Dienstag, den 06.01.2015, 12:49 +0100 schrieb Heiko Stübner:
> Hi Philipp,
> Am Samstag, 6. Dezember 2014, 00:31:46 schrieb Andy Yan:
> > > I am happy with the series so far. Pending Acks from the device tree
> > > maintainers for the new binding documents, I'd like to apply either the
> > > whole of it on top of
> > > 
> > >      git://git.pengutronix.de/git/pza/linux.git imx-drm/next
> > > 
> > > or take at least the i.MX specific patches (1-5) because of the
> > > dependency on the imx-drm OF helper conversion.
> do you still want to take this series?
> As for the devicetree ACK, there is this (unwritten) rule that if the
> dt-maintainers do not respond after 3 weeks (and a ping mail to them)
> it should be considered acked. As this version of the series is sitting
> on the lists for a month now and nobody complained during the other
> 17 versions as well, I think we should be on the safe side :-)

Alright, let's assume silent approval.

> There is one slight catch. Patch 3 needs a little modification, as the
> THIS_MODULE ower of the imx_hdmi got meanwhile cleaned up.
> So the patch would need to be modified as shown by the diff at the
> bottom. I'm not sure if you want Andy to repost the whole series again
> but I'll just post my fixed variant as reply to the origin v18 of patch 3
> for convenience.

No need to post this again, I can apply the patches and fix up the
remaining issues you and Russell pointed out in the process.


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